Drought 2021

The City of Dallas has entered into Stage One drought conditions.

What does stage one drought conditions mean? In Stage One:

  • The City shall make a public announcement of the condition and shall take reasonable steps to notify and advise water users to voluntarily conserve water.
  • Irrigation of all city parks and school facilities shall be reduced by 50%.
  • All restaurants that provide table service shall post, in a conspicuous place, a Notice of Drought or Emergency Condition as approved by the City Manager and shall refrain from serving water except upon specific request by a customer.
  • Operators of hotels, motels, and other commercial establishments offering lodgings shall post in each room a Notice of Drought or Emergency Condition as approved by the City Manager.
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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q:   Am I required to conserve water?

 A:  No. In Stage One, the City of Dallas is asking our water customers to voluntarily conserve water. We encourage you to reduce the amount of irrigation you provide to outdoor lawns, gardens, trees and other plants.

 Q:  What does the term “drought conditions” mean?

 A:  The term “drought conditions” refers to a period of time an area receives below normal amounts of precipitation. Locally in Dallas, our watershed experienced the driest March and April on record in 2021. This lack of rainfall combined with hotter than normal temperatures have caused the drought conditions.

 Q: Will the City run out of water?

 A:  No. The city will implement drought control measures to ensure there is water until the winter rains return to our watershed.

 Q:  Can I water my lawn?

 A:  Yes. We encourage our water customers to reduce the amount of water they use to water their lawns. We also encourage our customers to water their lawns in the night-time or early in the morning. This will reduce the amount of water lost to evaporation.

 Q:  Am I getting charged more than normal to use city water?

 A:  No. The city may impose higher water rates during the stages of drought. However, this has not been implemented at this time.

 Q:  Why does the City allow building construction of new homes to occur during a drought year?

 A:  The City is closely monitoring our water supply and our water consumption to ensure there is adequate supply to meet the demand. In the event the city needs to move into higher drought stages (i.e. stages 2 or 3), the City invoke water curtailment measures that will effectively stop new home construction.

 Q:  What is the city doing now to address our water supply for the long-term?

 A:  The City is working with an engineering company and has actively been studying the ability to construct an additional earthen dam and reservoir in our watershed. We expect to have the site selection study completed by the end of this calendar year. The City will then initiate the planning, funding, design, permitting and construction process, which can take several years to complete.

 Q:  How can I help to conserve water?

 A:  There are many resources available online with useful tips on how to reduce your water consumption. We encourage you to focus on your irrigation systems. The OSU Extension Office has great materials and tips on how to do that. Please go to their website:  https://extension.oregonstate.edu/water/watersheds