Sidewalks provide mobility for pedestrians throughout our community. Safe sidewalks benefit pedestrians, people in wheelchairs, joggers, and others who use sidewalks to travel around town. Safe, clean and hazard-free sidewalks promote mobility and livability for the citizens of Dallas. The community and citizens benefit from having pedestrian-friendly sidewalks and driveway approaches as part of our overall transportation system. 

Sidewalk Maintenance

There are numerous areas of sidewalk that have been identified as trip hazards, impassable, or maintained in poor repair. Dallas City Code Section 3.505 states that the owner of property abutting or adjacent to a sidewalk must maintain that sidewalk in good repair and free from hazards. Furthermore, the owner of said property abutting a sidewalk is liable to any person injured because of failure by the owner to maintain the sidewalk in good repair or safe condition. The Engineering Department is in the process of identifying sidewalks that are in violation of Section 3.505: Property owners will be notified by mail of the issue and required to make appropriate repairs 

Sidewalk Repair Program

The City has limited funds for sidewalk repair, and will reimburse a property owner half of the cost of repair, or $500, whichever is less, as long as the repair is made satisfactorily and a copy of an invoice marked “paid” is presented and determined to be reasonable by the city. This program is based on available funds, and is first come, first served. Sidewalk repair permits shall be obtained from the city at no cost prior to construction. Failure to make the repairs in a timely manner once notified may result in further action. 

City of Dallas Sidewalk Standards
Dallas City Sidewalk Code
Encroachment Permit
Sidewalk Repair Program

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