Public Safety Facility Steering Committee


The Public Safety Facility Steering Committee is an advisory committee to the City Council. The committee has been charged with investigating facility options to improve Police and Fire & EMS services to our community in a cost effective manner. The committee met several times during 2019, and determined a shared Police and Fire Facility was the best option, and recommended this option to the City Council in December 2019.

Agendas & Minutes

The agendas are generally available a week prior to the next meeting. The minutes will be made available within two weeks after a meeting. All public meetings are audio recorded. To access the agendas and minutes of the Public Safety Facilities Steering Committee, please use the following links:

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Public Safety Steering Committee Members

 Donn Anderson Kelly Gabliks April Welsh 
 John Strader Michael Schilling  Tom Simpson 
 Jim Clawson Paul Trahan  Todd Brumfield