Rumors Archive

RUMOR:  Why can't we just use the $60,000 in SDC fees that were going to build pickle ball courts to help fix the streets?

FACTS:  System Development Charges (SDCs) are a one-time fee imposed on new development to recover the cost of the additional capacity needed to serve new customers.  SDCs can be charged for the following 5 types of facilities:  water systems, sewer systems, stormwater systems, transportation systems, and parks.

SDCs can only be used on projects that increase facility capacity.  SDCs can only be used on new construction or expansion of existing facilities.  They can NOT be used for maintenance or operation costs.  Further, each SDC fund can only be used for that specific facility (Water SDCs can only be used to expand water facilities, Parks SDCs can only be used for new parks, etc.).

RUMOR:  The Council is closing the Dallas Aquatic Center

FACTS:  The City Council is not working on closing the Aquatic Center.  The motion, made by Councilor Garus, essentially commits the Council to investigating other possible revenue streams to fund the pool other than using General Fund money.  The Council agreed (by a 5-4 vote) to study alternate funding options for the Aquatic Center in an effort to ensure we’re finding every revenue source possible and being responsible with our citizens' money.