Budget Committee


This committee is comprised of nine resident members and the nine City Councilors. The committee meets a few times a year, usually in April and May.

Duties and Responsibilities

The committee is responsible for reviewing, making any modifications, and ultimately approving the city's annual budget. The approved budget will then be considered for adoption by the City Council prior to the end of the fiscal year, which is June 30th. The rules and regulations governing the city's budget committee are contained in state law (see ORS Chapter 294).

Agendas and Minutes

The agendas are generally available a week prior to the next meeting. The minutes will be made available within two weeks after a meeting. All public meetings are audio recorded. To access the agendas and minutes of the Budget Committee, please use the following links:

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Member / Term Expiration

Nancy Adams - December 2021
David Shein - December 2021 
Melanie Fisher - December 2021
Jim Williams - December 2022
Teresa Freborg - December 2022
​Lora Monroe - December 2022
Helen McCann - December 2022 
Matthew Ceiplis - December 2023 
Vacant Position - December 2023