Main Street Project

The Main Street streetscape improvements project will extend from Orchard Avenue to Washington Street. Its purpose is to create a continuous and consistent pedestrian environment that connects the downtown core area to lands north of Rickreall Creek. The project will narrow traffic lanes, widen sidewalks, repair curbs, and provide bulb-outs at street corners. Benches, street lights, street trees, and other landscape features and streetscape furnishings will be installed to strengthen the perception of Main Street as a safe, pedestrian-friendly corridor.

2013 Main Street Project
800 & 900 Blocks
The 800 and 900 blocks are the busiest and considered to be the premiere blocks downtown. With the Urban Renewal Project, sidewalks were replaced and widened by six feet, traffic lanes were reduced 16 feet, street lights with overhead wires were replaced with decorative lighting and flower baskets. Benches and garbage cans were replaced with the newly designed garbage cans, and bike racks and flower pots would be added.

Eco-friendly rain gardens were included, as well as trees that are better suited to the location. In addition, the “bulb-out” areas at the intersections were removed and replaced with larger, better designed ones.

Main Street Projec (2)t.jpg

Dallas Area Chamber of Commerce Photos

Street Furniture designed and manufactured locally by Evcor, LLC

Contractor: Brown Contracting