What to Do in an Emergency


In any medical, fire or police emergency, always dial 9-1-1 immediately. It's the fastest way to bring help. Your call will be answered promptly by a communications specialist who is trained to determine, as quickly as possible, the nature and location of the emergency, and the appropriate response.


Speak as clearly as possible and be prepared to answer the following vital questions:

  1. "What is the emergency?" (Describe the type of emergency.)
  2. "Where is the emergency?" (Give the location or address of the emergency.)
  3. "Who are you?" (Give your name and the phone number you are calling from.)

While you are providing this Information, Help is Already on the Way.


You may receive instructions or be asked for additional information. For example, during a life-threatening emergency, you may be instructed over the telephone how to carry out simple emergency care procedures until professional help arrives. Following these instructions step-by-step, as they are explained, may enable you to save a life.


Never break your telephone link with emergency help until all questions have been answered. Keeping the line open will enable the communication specialist to continue monitoring your crisis. It will also enable emergency responders to receive updated information on your emergency from the communications center.

In an Emergency Call 9-1-1.

Remember — Lifesaving Professional Help is On the Way.