Do I Need FireMed?

Link to FireMed AppIf you are covered under health insurance, check your policy. Typical insurance coverage will pay for 50-80% of the ambulance bill. The City of Dallas Ambulance typically costs between $1,250 and $1,550, leaving you responsible to pay $250-$775 for one transport. If you haven't met your deductible yet, or if you have no insurance, you may have to pay the full amount.

FireMed membership covers the entire uninsured part of your emergency ambulance bill - all of it! If you have no insurance, then the entire bill is still covered under membership.

If you don't use an ambulance, we use your money to make ambulance service better for everyone. Does anything else you buy have a backup plan like that? So remember, if you don't need an ambulance this year, someone you love probably will. Your membership will help save that life.
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If you don't need FireMed, FireMed needs you. Join today and help save the lives of the people you love.

With FireMed you are covered, no matter how many times you need an ambulance. And one FireMed fee covers everyone in your household. FireMed also travels with you, covering you in most of Oregon.


As FireMed members, all permanent residents of your household will receive emergency ambulance service throughout most of Oregon. We simply bill your insurance. There are no deductibles, no extra costs for you to pay.