Street Trees

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Street Trees are Required in Most Neighborhoods

Street Trees are trees that are planted in the right-of-way, usually on the front of the property near the street or sidewalk or in the case of a corner lot they may be placed along the street side of the property as well.

The Dallas Development Code 3.2.040 outlines the street tree requirements in the city limits of Dallas. It describes in detail how and where street trees shall be planted in developments and landscape park strips. Street tree spacing is based on the type of trees and the canopy size at maturity. They are planted in the center of the planter strip between the sidewalk and the curb. In general, trees are spaced between 30 feet and 60 feet apart, except where planting a tree would conflict with existing trees, retaining walls, utilities and similar physical barriers. Actual spacing should be based on the trees’ growth characteristics and provide for a mostly continuous tree canopy cover over adjacent sidewalks when the trees mature.

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