Parent Aid

Designated Dallas officers have been trained to test your child for drug use in a strictly confidential way in which information about your child is kept between you and your child. It goes no further.

If this is something you think your family can benefit from, you may contact Dallas Police Department at 503.831.3516 to set up an appointment with a certified tester.


Parent Aid is a voluntary, simple, and confidential urinalysis drug-testing program designed to help parents identify drug abuse in their children before disaster strikes. The Parent Aid Test is free of charge to any parent of any child under 18 years of age.

The test takes about three to eight minutes in a completely confidential setting at the police department or at another designated location. A specially trained staff member with the Dallas Police Department will provide a test for the child to use. The staff member will then take the testing device and will begin the testing procedure. In just minutes, drug test results will be read.

Test Results

A negative result is just that -- that none of the controlled substances tester for were detected.

A positive result is a "presumptive positive" and the parent(s) will be referred to a testing laboratory for a positive confirmation -- if they so choose. This step is not required.

When the test results are positive, every effort is made to provide the parent and child with information regarding drug treatment programs and other community-based support services available to them. 

The first referral can be to the family physician so that potential health insurance coverage for treatment can be ascertained. Parent Aid agencies also refer families to Lines for Life (formerly Oregon Partnership) so that parents can benefit from their statewide network of drug treatment resources.

There is no police record as to the outcome of the testing, nor even that the testing occurred.