Parks Advisory Board

In March of 2014, the Dallas City Council added provisions creating the Parks Advisory Board. This board consists of seven members, at least five of which must live within Dallas City limits, and all of which must reside in Polk County. The board is required to hold at least two meetings per year.

Currently our Park Advisory Board meetings quarterly on the third Tuesday of the month.

Parks Advisory Board Agendas

Parks Advisory Board Duties & Responsibilities

  • Study park and recreation services as they affect the welfare of the citizens of Dallas
  • Interpret park and recreation services of the City to the community
  • Engage in planning for future park and recreation areas and facilities, as well as the maintenance of existing areas and facilities
  • Provide input to the city manager or the city manager's designee on their plans and proposals for parks and recreation activities
  • Recommend policies related to city parks and recreation activities
  • Encourage individuals and organizations to donate funds, property, and volunteer services for the development and operation of park and recreation facilities
  • Generally encourage community interest in parks and recreation
The Parks Master Plan was adopted by the Parks Advisory Board and City Council to help guide Dallas as we grow with the placement and amenities for our parks.

Parks Advisory Board Members

  • Chair Andy Groh / 2022
  • Molly Barth / 2020
  • Jessica Blakely / 2021
  • Tawnya Kreft / 2021
  • Richard Moore / 2022
  • Sue Rohde / 2022
  • Mike Wilson / 2020