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Welcome to FireMed…A Great Community Partnership for Your Safety & Security

The City of Dallas Emergency Medical Service is proud to offer our community prompt, professional emergency medical care utilizing skilled basic and advanced life support providers equipped with modern medical technology.

Advanced life support care and transport can be expensive! With the rising cost of health insurance and more families being covered by a high deductible health plan, you and your family may face paying for a large portion of the ambulance bill, if not the entire bill.

FireMed members pay nothing for an ambulance when they need it, even if they have no insurance!

FireMed membership includes your entire household and can be used as many times in a year as medically necessary. FireMed members are protected 24/7, and are also covered in many areas across the State of Oregon. When you need emergency medical care and transportation to the hospital, why worry about the cost involved? Join FireMed today! You don’t have to worry!

Our FireMed Rates:
  • City of Dallas Residents pay $65 a year for the entire household
  • Non-Residents pay $75 a year for the entire household.