30 Days 30 Ways Preparedness Challenge

Challenge 2021 Is Here!

September is National Preparedness Month. It is a great time to prepare yourself and those in your care for emergencies. Although in the past we have configured this challenge specifically to help you build your kit for natural disasters, such a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake, realistically we should prepare ourselves for anything. For example, a pandemic, wildfires, excessive heat, etc., and as many have experienced, emergencies can happen unexpectedly. 

In addition, it’s important to realize that predicated on the scope of the event and demand for services, police, fire and EMS may not always be able to reach you quickly in an emergency. The most important step you can take in helping your local first responders is being able to provide basic care for yourself, those in your care and even your neighbors. The better we are prepared, the quicker our community will recover.

Each day for the month of September, we will release a task that will help you prepare yourself, your family and your neighborhood, truly for almost anything. 

Challenge yourself! Anyone and everyone can participate, but please keep in mind, everyone's kits will look different, and that's okay. Prepare for what YOU need in YOUR kit.