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The City Highlight

Long-time Dallas Councilor Resigns


DALLAS, Oregon (April 16, 2021):  Jackie Lawson, a four-term city councilor, has resigned from the Dallas City Council effective today. Citing her need to work on a remodeling project on her second home out of state, Councilor Lawson felt she would be unable to represent the Dallas citizens appropriately.

In her resignation, Councilor Lawson stated, “I appreciate the honor given to me by the citizens of Dallas to represent them and wish you all the best in the future for our community.”

City Manager Latta said, “Councilor Lawson dedicated 14 years to the city both on the council and committee assignments. I wish to thank her for her years of service and her leadership to the community.” The Dallas City Council will discuss how to fill the vacancy at the April 19, 2021, Dallas City Council meeting.

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Emergencies happen all the time and knowing what to do before, during and after an emergency improves your odds of a positive outcome. Our emergency notifications send updated alerts directly to you keeping you informed on rapidly changing situations.

Simply click the link above and create a username and password. Then we’ll send updated alerts through email, voice, or text.

City Facilities Are Open To The Public


The City of Dallas has reopened our facilities to the public. This includes City Hall, Public Library, Fire Station, and Aquatic Center. Please visit our department web pages to see our hours of operation. We look forward to seeing you!


There is a lot of attention right now on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and its possible impacts to communities. The City of Dallas has an Emergency Operations Plan that includes a chapter on public health emergencies. Staff are working on ensuring we have contingency plans in place to keep our services running should the virus affect Dallas. Click here for more information.

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You can now start your City of Dallas Utility Service with our new online method. CLICK HERE or select the Xpress Bill Pay icon above. To sign-up for service online you must create an account. If you prefer, you may also come into our office at City Hall, 187 SE Court Street, Dallas, OR.