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Leaves, leaves, everywhere
Leaf Drop-off Sites Close Saturday December 20, 2014
Leaf drop of sites and and street pick-up will be complete the weekend of December 20-21. Please use your yard debris bin for any remaining leaves.

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Can I place my leaves in the street?

Please have leaves in the street prior to Friday evening, December 19 for the weekend pick-up.

 Please keep in mind:

*Leaves should be raked into the street in long rows, parallel to the curb, and at least 12 inches  away from the curb.

*Avoid blocking the roadway, driveways, and bike lanes.

*Keep piles away from and clear any blocked storm drains.

*Place only leaves and no other trimmings, brush, grass, or other debris in the street.

*It is important not to rake leaves into city streets until just before collection events. Leaves  raked into the street can cause drainage and flooding problems by clogging gutters and storm  sewers, and can blow onto neighboring properties. Do not place trimmings, brush, grass, or  other debris in the street.

 Residents will be asked to remove leaves if they are raked into the street outside of scheduled  pick-up times.

Leaf Disposal
The City of Dallas officials recommend that residents dispose of leaves in an environmentally responsible way.

Probably the easiest solution is to place them in your yard debris bin provided by Republic Services.  They will be picked up as part of your regular garbage service. 

If you have too many leaves, as many Dallas residents do, you may bring them to any of the three drop-off sites in the City.  The locations accept leaves from October 15 thru December 20. 

The locations are as follows:

           1) The gravel lot west of the ball fields at Lyle Elementary School
           2) The parking lot at the Dallas City Park at the end of Allgood Street
           3) The far east end of Hankel Street in front of the barricade

You may consider "recycling” leaves by spreading them out across the lawn, then simply run back and forth over them a few times with the lawn mower.  These finely chopped leaves act as light mulch for the lawn over the winter.  The mulch will decompose by spring.

Leaves should not be treated as trash.  While leaves may be emptied into regular trash carts, it is an expensive and un-environmentally-friendly way to dispose of them.  More importantly, leaves treated as trash take up valuable space at the landfill.

What if I want extra leaves?
Leaves are available to the public.  Please feel free to pick up leaves at any of the three drop-off sites listed above.  If you are interested in large quantities, please contact our public works department to arrange for possible delivery.

More Information

Please contact our Public Works Department at 503.831.3562 or email