Maps & Phases of Trail Development

Trail Placement
Actual trail placement on unfinished phases may be modified as we get closer to construction. At this point in time please consider phases three through seven preliminary designs. Phases may or may not be constructed in the order in which they are listed. Lighting, benches, and possibly restrooms may be part of any phase depending on funding.
Phase Details
  • EDCP Section - Dallas Aquatic Center (completed 2004)
  • Main-Levens Section - Levens Street to Main Street (completed 2007)
  • Barberry Section - Behind Hawthorne Avenue (completed 2011)
  • Hiebert Section - Barberry to Aquatic Center (completed 2013)
  • Fir Villa Section - Hawthorne Avenue to Fir Villa Road
  • Central Bark Section - Aquatic Center to Alderson Drive (south side of Rickreall Creek)
  • Mill Section - Alderson Drive to Academy Street
  • Downtown Section - Academy Street to Levens Street
  • Park Section - Through Dallas City Park
  • Faith Farms Section - Kingsborough Park to West City Limits - Installed 2009
    will open to the public with approval of the subdivision