Councilor LaVonne Wilson

Personal Background
My husband, Bob and our two daughters moved to Dallas in 1971, from the Seattle area and our children grew up in the Dallas School District. Bob and I both worked in the Dallas community. Bob served as the Penney Manager for a number of years. I worked for the Dallas School District, and after 29 years retired in 1998, as the Business Manager / Deputy Clerk.

We have enjoyed our life here in the Dallas community and would not want to move as we live out our retirement years. Our family has had the opportunity to participate in many activities and events here in Dallas and that gave us a feeling of belonging. Our community is great place to volunteer and there is always a need for people interested in helping to participate.

City Council Experience
I have had the fortune to be on the City Council and to work with great Council members. In the years as a Councilor I have seen this community maintain all necessary infrastructures and keep us fiscally sound. One of my main goals as having this opportunity was to continue to have a very family orientated community and to have the many amenities we all have come to enjoy. We have been conservative when necessary and a look to the future as we met the various issues before this City. We have a great City staff and they are very aware of keeping our community a great place to live.

Contact Me
As your City Councilor, I would welcome your thoughts about what and how we can continue the livable and family orientated community we have all come to enjoy. Please don’t hesitate to contact me as I would enjoy hearing from you and carry your thoughts to our City Council