2016 Council Policy Priorities / Action Items

The Council, at its retreat, identified their top 8 policy priorities.  They also reaffirmed the strategies established in 2015.  Staff then identified action items they could take to achieve the Council's priorities.

Council Strategies and Action Items 2016

2016 Council Retreat
Council Retreat Report

Council 2030 Goals

Council Goal Update


Doug Zenn
Steve Ames

Councilors Present

Jackie Lawson
Kevin Marshall
Jim Brown
Jim Fairchild
LaVonne Wilson
Beth Jones
Kelly Gabliks

Mayor Present

Brian Dalton

Staff Present
Ron Foggin
Emily Gagner
Cecilia Ward
Todd Brumfield
Fred Braun
Jason Locke
Ron Lines
Lane Shetterly

2013-2014 Council Goals (Adopted February 23, 2013)

  • Fund street repair and maintenance program
  • Create a management plan from the watershed study
  • Develop City recreation program
  • Create incentives for new and current manufacturing
  • Identify and/or acquire land for fire training facility
  • Develop grant writing program
  • Increase level of service in the Police Department
  • Develop incentives for new retail
  • Complete Main Street streetscape project
  • Develop modernization/technology plan for all Dallas departments
  • Complete bridge section of RCTS
  • Secure funding for recreation opportunities involving bikes and parks

Former City Council Goals